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On August 30 – September 1, 2019, the Buddhist Churches of America Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations (BCA FBWA) will host the 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention at the San Francisco Marriott Grand Marquis in San Francisco, California.

Approximately 2,000 women and men of many generations are anticipated to gather from Japan, Canada, Brazil, Hawaii, and throughout the US mainland to explore and experience the Convention theme: “Live the Nembutsu.”

The World Federation of Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha Buddhist Women’s Association held the 1st World Buddhist Women’s Convention in Kyoto, Japan in 1961, and since then, the various member countries have had the honor of hosting the convention, held every 4 years or so.

The Convention is an opportunity for Jodo Shinshu followers to gather together on an international level; meet new people, learn together, share experiences, and spread the circle of Dharma followers today and for generations to come. Originally, the Convention was held for women only; however, over the years, it has welcomed all, men and women, in the Jodo Shinshu Sangha or spiritual community.

The World Federation of Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha Buddhist Women’s Association

The objective of the World Federation is based on the doctrine of Jodo Shinshu as its principle:

• To promote close liaison among all members of the Buddhist women’s associations throughout the world;
• To awaken the self-consciousness of Buddhist women;
• To advance a worldwide Buddhist women’s movement; and
• To work towards the welfare and peace among all mankind.

The members are:

• Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha Buddhist Women’s Federation of Japan;
• Honpa Hongwanji Mission, Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations;
• Buddhist Churches of America Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations;
• South America Honwanji Buddhist Women’s Federation; and
• Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada Women’s Federation


In Appreciation to Sponsors


Leftwich Event Specialists
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK)
Terrie Masuda


Miyoko & Takeo Yuki Families


Larry & Vickie Yamaoka


BCA Ichijukai
Enmanji Buddhist Temple & BWA
Gardenland – Ray & Lucy Matsumoto
Dr. Kris Hanamoto, DDS

Joyce Iwasaki
Janice & Steven Doi
Union Bank

Convention Partners

Berkeley Buddhist Temple & BWA
San Louis Obispo Buddhist Church
Marie Ochi-Jacobs

Buddhist Temple of San Diego BWA
Buddhist Church of San Francisco BWA
BCA Southern District BWA
Buddhist Church of Stockton BWA
Fusako Takahashi
Cherry Tsutsumida
West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple
Junko Yamano


Buddhist Church of Florin BWA
Keiko & Ralph Furusho
Kemi Nakabayashi
Tom & Greer Nishikawa
Palo Alto Buddhist Temple
Palo Alto Buddhist Temple BWA
San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin BWA
Sumi Tanabe